03 Nov 2014

Happy Halloween - A Day Filled with Fun Tricks and Treats


The Stamford Parent Teacher Association (PTA) transformed the campus into a ghoulish delight for the students. Younger years had sensory areas, where they were exposed to textures, sights and sounds. Secondary students were treated to a Monster Mash, involving a dance and Hall of Horrors.

Stamford parents joined together to provide a zombie “flash mob” to Thriller in Stamford Yard, kicked off by the Wizard, our Superintendent, Mr. Kay.

Halloween in Ms. Maloney’s first grade class:

The class wrote scary stories with many adjectives! We are working on descriptive words and we used many Halloween themed words like spooky, scary, creepy and dark. We also had swimming which went much better costume wise than I expected. No tears and everyone was able to get in and out of their costumes.

We had parent volunteers come into our class after music and we had a Halloween craft activity. We made flying witches and wizards and spider hats!!! The class really enjoyed these activities and it was a great way to help with the excitement and buzz after the great flash mob in Washington Plaza.

Thank you to the PTA for organizing the Halloween celebrations. Students enjoyed expressing their creativity with their costumes and decorating doors, and the flash mobs were a lot of fun too.

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