Please see below for the list of Stamford American's appointed educational representatives.

Company NameCountry of RepresentationContract Start DateContract Expiry Date
Academy Pret Pte LtdSingapore, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, China, Vietnam01 Jun 202131 May 2022
Aprobee Technology Pte LtdCanada, China, Hong Kong SAR (China), Indonesia, Myanmar, United States01 Feb 202231 Jan 2023
Bloomgreen Investment Consultancy Pte LtdChina, Singapore 01 Aug 202131 Jul 2022
Compass Pte LtdChina, Philippines, Thailand01 Nov 202131 Oct 2022
Culture Connection Pte LtdJapan01 Jul 202130 Jun 2022
Destiny Consultant Pte LtdChina01 Sep 202131 Aug 2022
EI Holdings PTE LTDChina, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam01 Aug 202131 Jul 2022
First Global Education LtdChina, (Hongkong SAR, Macau)01 Mar 202228 Feb 2023
GB Schooling Pte LtdChina, Indonesia, Thailand01 Sep 202131 Aug 2022
Global Royal Singapore Pte. LtdJapan, Singapore01 Nov 202131 Oct 2022
Globe Visa Consultant Pte LtdCanada, China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Myanmar, and United States01 Oct 202131 Nov 2022
Golden Education International Consultancy LimitedChina, Vietnam, Spain, Germany, Mexico01 Aug 202131 Jul 2022
Grade SaversChina, Myanmar01 Sep 202131 Aug 2022
Lezhongda Consultancy Pte Ltd Singapore, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Korea01 Aug 202131 Jul 2022
Onwards Education Consultancy Pte LtdSingapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar01 Aug 202131 Jul 2022
PT Indo Cemerlang Abdi Nusa (Trading as Ican Education)Indonesia01 Jun 202131 May 2022
Sagepaths Global Education Pte LtdSingapore, China01 Aug 202131 Jul 2022
Shinseki Education Consulting Co.Korea01 Sep 202131 Aug 2022
Singaro YuhakKorea01 Sep 202131 Aug 2022
SingjunmoKorea01 May 202230 Apr 2023
Sino-SG Education Consultancy Pte LtdChina, Singapore01 Nov 202131 Oct 2022
The Guardian Services Pte LtdAustralia, Brazil, Europe, India, South Africa, USA01 Nov 202131 Oct 2022
Universal ServicesIndonesia01 May 202230 Apr 2023
Vaster New Media & Business Consultancy Pte LtdSingapore, China01 Aug 202131 Jul 2022
Wang Bo Pte LtdChina, Malaysia, Singapore01 Sep 202131 Aug 2022

Please see below for the list of expired/non-renewed agents.

Company NameContract expired onRemarks
Flying Chalks Pte Ltd31 Dec 2021Non-Renewal