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School Bus Transportation Service for Students

Stamford American International School offers door to door bus transportation island-wide for both campuses, Woodleigh Campus and the Early Learning Village. School bus service is provided to and from the school with the safety and convenience of our students as a priority.

Woodleigh Campus

The bus transport provider for Stamford American International School Woodleigh Campus is Woodlands Transport Service Pte Ltd (WTS). WTS is the largest private bus operator in Singapore with a strong track record for providing high quality and reliable transportation services.

Their use of an Intelligent Bus System allows for real time tracking and monitoring of the buses in operation. This system indicates real-time pick-up and drop-off at each stop, allowing our school to proactively manage the transportation process.

WTS is pleased to provide a CCA afternoon bus service for students partaking in major Co-Curricular Activities. The after-school activities bus serves CCA activities point to point, and is a paid service.

Early Learning Village (ELV)

BT&Tan Transport Service is the transport provider for door-to-door transport between home and school for our Early Learning Village campus at 3 Chuan Lane.
Please note students must be a minimum of 2 years old to ride the ELV School Transport.

ELV dedicated transportation - ELV Student Transfer Service

We offer free transportation for ELV students living around SAIS Woodleigh Campus, and/or having siblings attending at the Woodleigh campus. Parents can drop off their ELV children at the dedicated area on the Woodleigh campus and pick them up in the afternoon from the same pickup point.

This service is available for ELV students ONLY.

Child Safety Restraints (CSR) Policy

The safety of our students is of the utmost importance to us. With this in mind, we have introduced a mandatory Child Safety Restraint (CSR) Policy in 2017.

The Child Safety Restraint Policy is applicable to students from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2 and a school-approved child safety restraint is needed when traveling on the school bus to and home and between the 2 campuses. The CSR will be provided for inter-campus shuttle service only. For children traveling on the school bus, parents will need to purchase their own CSR for the transport to and from home.

For further details on pricing and type of CSR needed, please contact the transport office.

Applications for School Transport Will Take about 2 Weeks to Process to Allow for Route Planning.

Simply fill in the relevant online form below to register your child, making sure to highlight your correct pick up/drop off address. Upon finalization, you will receive an email confirmation which verifies receipt of your application.

Woodleigh Campus

Woodleigh Campus Transport Office:

 +65 6602 4145 

Woodleigh Transport Representative:

Early Learning Village

ELV Campus Transport Office:

+65 6517 0286