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Field Studies Program

We wish for all our students at Stamford American to grow into responsible, environmentally minded global citizens and leaders who are committed to making the world a better place. To help them move forward in their learning journey, we have developed the progressive Academic Field Studies Program in partnership with Cognita.

Through immersive and often challenging field study experiences, students will develop self-efficacy beliefs, leadership traits, communication and learning skills which are critical as we empower our students to thrive in a complex world and achieve their own unique futures. Such experiences are linked to the academic, pastoral, and service-as-action curriculum, and provide life-changing opportunities for students to apply their learning outside the classroom.

Such trips typically last several days, involve international travel, and require an additional fee to cover transportation and the use of trusted outdoor education partner organizations such as the JUMP! Foundation. Depending on safe-management restrictions or COVID-19 limitations, such plans may be adapted for use in robust, Singapore-based programs.


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