Lions Football School (JSSL Singapore)

At Stamford, we offer numerous football (soccer) pathways to all of our students, from recreational, and competitive teams to a year-round soccer school under the guidance of JSSL Singapore, Premier Youth Soccer Club. As a school community, we are continually striving to provide the best teaching and learning experiences for our students. The school benefits from JSSL football coaches regularly involved at Stamford to oversee soccer development on campus.

JSSL Singapore

JSSL Singapore has been the leader in Singapore’s youth football development for over 10 years. JSSL has a vibrant football program for players aged 5 -16 years old as well as partnerships with some of the world’s largest professional football clubs, Arsenal FC and Fulham FC, as well as a Singaporean professional club, Tampines Rovers FC. In addition to developing Singapore’s top players, JSSL also runs National Youth Leagues as well as the JSSL International 7’s Tournament, with 500 participating teams from around the world: clubs such as Barcelona, Liverpool, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid.

JSSL’s goal is to ensure that all players have the opportunity to develop their skills to the fullest potential. With top quality coaching, an inclusive training program and feedback provided with player reports, JSSL aims to maximize the individual and team performance both on and off the field.

Our Curriculum

JSSL has developed a football curriculum adapted to our athletes’ needs and characteristics. This curriculum is based on developing individuals’ characteristics and decision making, both on and off the pitch, combined with tactical team training.

Every age group and gender benefits from its own curriculum with adapted objectives, contents, and coherence between all the progressive stages. This curriculum provides Stamford a recognizable style of play for all the football teams and a philosophy of developing players that follow our JSSL Pride Values:

  • Personality – Approach every training and game with a positive attitude and display appropriately competitive character traits.
  • Responsibility – Take ownership of personal and team behaviors.
    Intelligence – Become a stronger decision maker on the pitch as well as understand that football is a thinking game.
  • Desire – Demonstrate the highest possible level of effort to reach his/her potential.
  • Energy – Play with enthusiasm and influence the game with his/her actions.

Stamford Competitive Football Teams

Football is one of the most popular sports programs offered at Stamford and provides development, competition, and enjoyments to many SAIS students.


The objectives at the Elementary level are to maximize participation, develop basic skills, prepare for competition, and build passion for the game. Playing and practice time will reflect this objective, helping to create an equitable and fun environment on the field.

The U9 teams are part of season 1 (Aug – Oct), the U10s / U11s participate in season 2 (Nov – Feb), and the U8s play in season 3 (Feb – May).


The focuses at this level are the development and improvement of technical skills, more advanced knowledge of the game, and a solid understanding of the rules.  Maximum participation is emphasized not only for the overall growth and welfare of the athletes, but the continued development of the program.  The U12 developmental teams are the foundation for higher levels of competition.

The U12 team is part of season 3 (Feb – May).


At this level, we continue to develop the basic technical skills but also focus on the tactical skills. Ideally, athletes will refine and regularly apply these skills in game scenarios.  Maximum participation remains an objective, but additional emphasis is now placed on being competitive.

The U14’s team are part of season 2 (Nov – Jan).


At the pinnacle of the Stamford pyramid approach, we place more emphasis on being competitive. For championship tournaments, the most competitive and skilled athletes will compete.  Players earn their game time during the season through their performance in matches and training. We analyse complex tactics and emphasize commitment, discipline, and dedication to a team.

The U16 and U19 Varsity team are part of season 1 (Aug – Oct).