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Lions Gymnastics

About the Gymnastics Program

At Stamford, we offer Gymnastics as a year-round Developmental, Semi-Competitive and Competitive Athletic Sport under the Lions Gymnastics Academy and Lions Gymnastics Program.

Whether your child is enrolled in the developmental or the competitive program, all our classes are taught in an athlete-centered, progressive manner. We believe the learning process is every bit as important as the learning outcome, so students are grouped according to age, physical ability, and aspirations to maximize their athletic growth.

Developmental Gymnastics

Gymnastics teaches children physical literacy, a combination of physical and motor abilities, fundamental movement patterns and life skills. With these gymnastics building blocks, participants have a strong foundation to explore and enjoy different sports and physical activities while developing a life-long appreciation of overall wellness. Additionally, gymnastics also helps develop social skills and teamwork, essential to succeed in and out of the gym.

Semi-Competitive & Competitive Gymnastics

We recognize that children have varying levels of interest and aspiration for the sport, and we provide further specialized training for those with the desire and commitment to train and compete at higher levels.

Competitive gymnasts are selected based on physical ability and preparation, gymnastics basics, work ethic and ability to cooperate with teammates. All competitions are based on Gymnastics Australia’s National Levels Program, a training curriculum and competition framework that Stamford follows closely.