Pathway to Preparatory Course for Secondary School (PCS)

Grade 8 & 9

Our newly launched Foundational Academic English program is designed for those in need of supplementary English Language tuition.

This unique program prepares highly motivated students from Grade 8 & 9 for entrance to our Preparatory Course for Secondary School (PCS), and then on to our mainstream curriculum on-campus.

Through this intensive program delivered by our highly skilled PCS faculty, students will strengthen their foundation in academic English, form an understanding of IB teaching and learning methodology, and be well-poised for success in Stamford American and beyond.

With a choice between self-guided and teacher-guided, learners are set to achieve their goals either independently and in their own time, or with expert support.

Unique Benefits of the Foundational Academic English Program

  • Rich online learning engagement tools, through interactive quizzes and videos
  • Grade-specific language acquisition content aligned with academic content
  • Stamford American aligned curricula in Math, Science, Literature and Humanities
  • Learn at any pace, after regular school hours
  • Highly skilled, dedicated teachers with extensive experience teaching online
  • Build an understanding and foundation for IB inquiry-based learning
  • Paves the way for smooth transition to mainstream on-campus
  • Focus on well-being, with teachers checking in on students’ social and emotional health
  • Full access to all resources including recorded videos, interactive assignments

Choose The Program That Fits Your Needs

Program At-A-Glance

Entry Requirements

Grade 8: WIDA score between 1.0 – 1.4
Grade 9: WIDA score between 1.5 – 2.4


Foundational Academic English - Teacher-guided
Application Fee (one time, non-refundable): SGD 800
Enrolment Fee (one time, non-refundable): SGD 3,360
Tuition Fee: SGD 9,500

Foundational Academic English - Self-guided
Application Fee (one time, non-refundable): SGD 800
Enrolment Fee (one time, non-refundable): SGD 3,360
Tuition Fee: SGD 7,000 

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