The Middle School Experience

Student centered with inquiry based learning, the Stamford Middle School experience is guided by educators who are warm demanders with a genuine fondness for teaching middle level learners within and beyond the classroom (Field Studies). While helping to establish a sense of well-being and belonging, Stamford teachers model compassion and understanding so Stamford students can experience it and live it every day. Prompt, positive, and constructive communication, as well as consistency in protocols and pedagogy, pave the way for successful experiences for students, parents, and teachers in Stamford Middle School.

Middle Years Programme

As an IB World School, Stamford Middle School uses the Middle Years Programme framework and American Standards to plan and deliver using state of the arts academic resources and technologies. Stamford is a true American International school with inquiry and conceptual learning leading the way to project based instruction and guidance.

Following the MYP framework, Stamford offers eight subjects that share equal time and importance in the adolescent learner’s development: Arts (music, drama, visual art); Individuals & Society (Humanities); Science; Math; Design; PE (inclusive of Health); Languages (Spanish, Mandarin, or EAL); and English. Middle school opportunities for leadership and service are provided through Advisory, the MYP Action in Service Program, and Grade Level initiatives.

Middle School Team

With an Academic Counselor and MYP Coordinator for the division, and two Heads of Grade per grade level providing consistent academic, social and emotional support for all students, Stamford Middle School has clusters of students at each grade for a smaller, more community-centered approach to making connections.

Stamford’s Student Support Services and English as an Additional Language Programs have helped create a safe, supportive, and inclusive sense of community. Together, SAIS cultivates a culture of optimism, excellence, and empowerment for everyone by developing the mindset and skills to thrive in a complex world.

While Stamford’s vision is “Inspiring students to create their unique future”, the students believe “at Stamford, we are designing our own futures”. Their voices are heard and their initiatives often result in constructive and positive change.

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