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August 1, 2022

Well done Class of 2022!

On this year’s IBDP exams, 98% the school’s 63 students passed the exam, with an average total score of 35.2, with the global average being 32 (maximum score is 45). Special mention goes to our STEM subjects which saw a significant improvement, with scores were above the global average.

As for the AP exams, 184 students took 358 exams (largest number of at Stamford ever), with 75% of them scoring a 3 or higher (exams are scored on a scale of 1-5, with 5 as the top mark). 16 students have achieved AP Scholars with Distinction.

With multiple academic pathways available to our students, they are able to create their own unique future based on varied interests and future plans. To date, the Class of 2022 have applied to universities all over the world, such as University of California, Berkeley, University of Arts London, Emily Carr University of Arts, amongst others.

“As a school, we know that all students can benefit from taking academically challenging courses such as DP and AP,” said Dr. Amit Khanna, program coordinator. “Research shows these courses prepare students well for college-level work. Our goal is to maximize enrollment in these courses – and do everything possible to support students to achieve their best.”

Superintendent Mark Wenzel said the multiple pathways at Stamford allow students to flex their academic muscles based on varied interests and future plans.

“It’s exciting to see the long-term growth in both performance and participation in these programs, and I’m grateful to the teachers and coordinators for their excellent efforts,” said Wenzel. “We regularly hear from our graduates attending competitive universities around the world that their Stamford IB and AP courses prepared them well and put them on the road to success. We’re excited to hear similar accomplishments from the Class of 2022.”

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