Early Years Open House

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that’s exactly what we did. The Early Learning Village brings together specialists and educators who are trained in all aspects of early years, to give your child the best start to learning. Whether it’s through the Suzuki Violin Program, Daily or Bilingual Language (Mandarin or Spanish) or physical education, your child will be taught by a team of dedicated specialists from around the world.

Speak to our Early Years Specialists and watch our young Suzuki Violin learners perform at our next Open House on December 7th!

Elementary and Secondary Open House

Have you ever wondered how do we nurture an innovative mindset from young? 

All students need a space for exploration, the opportunity to be creative, and the time to follow their interests. At Stamford American, we provide a multitude of spaces that benefit the students’ learning experience. The Innovation Center combined with the high-technology tools such as bee-bots, coding, robotics and many more allow students to have the opportunity to be creative and explore innovative tools which might be useful for their future learning. 

Join us on our expert panel on November 16th to hear more from our Digital Experts on how we develop creative thinking from young and what are the benefits of this.