June Open House

August 31st, 2018 

9:30am - 11:00am

Early Learning Village 

3 Chuan Lane (Gate 4) 

Singapore 554350

The campus itself is a treasure trove of incredible facilities which have been carefully developed for the little people who will use them and their families. These include six outdoor sensorial playgrounds, an undercover swimming pool, library and inquiry center, arena, medical center and parent cafe.

More important than our facilities are our teachers, and we are proud that we have teachers from all over the world who have come to teach at our school. At our Village our teachers are early learning specialists and their knowledge and experience complements the built environment to ensure every child is happy, involved and learning.

We recognize the importance of allowing children to be children. Child-initiated and teacher guided experiences enhance language development, social competence, creativity, imagination, and thinking skills. These experiences are supported by developmentally appropriate best practice and start the journey towards academic success.

With a team of specialists on site, our teaching team is supported by the following teachers:

Language Specialists - Daily Mandarin or Spanish for 18 months. Starting in Pre-Nursery, we offer daily Mandarin or Spanish instruction taught by native speaking specialists in a dedicated language environment.

Suzuki Violin Specialists - We are the only school in Singapore to offer the world-renowned Suzuki Violin Program from the age of 3, with the option to progress to cello from the age of 5.

Smart Steps (Physical Education) Specialists - A moving child is a learning child - which is why Stamford American has introduced the acclaimed SMART Steps and Perceptual Motor Program. Exclusive to The Village, the program is designed to capture your child’s natural development integrating numeracy, literacy, and language with physical play.

Our teachers carefully monitor children's learning by using Teaching Strategies Gold Software which is an authentic, ongoing observational system for monitoring children's progress and development. As their educators, we observe their behavior and provide thoughtful engagement to take them to their natural next step. This progression is recorded and regularly shared with families.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at +65 6602 7247 or email us at admissions@sais.edu.sg.