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Stamford American International School is pleased to offer a boarding program at ACS Oldham Hall Premier Boarding, for our students who have immediate families that reside in another country.

Boarding is open to all Stamford American Secondary Students from Grades 6 to 12, however, it is mandatory for all Stamford American students in our PCS program whose parents are not residing in Singapore. It is also strongly recommended for Stamford American students in the mainstream with parents not residing in Singapore.

Stamford Boarding @ ACS Oldham Hall is centrally located in Singapore, 10 minutes from Newton MRT with easily accessible amenities such as supermarkets, bookshops, convenience stores, eateries and a clinic. An award-winning hostel, as conferred by the Ministry of Education Singapore, ACS Oldham Hall offers a family atmosphere that is safe, secure and caring, along with an international community of friends.

The safety and wellbeing of our students is the number one priority, with regular communication between the ACS Oldham Hall Boarding Team and the Academic and Pastoral Care Teams at Stamford American.

An Enriching and Supportive “Home away from Home”

Boarding at Stamford American International School brings together students from around the globe, and with it, a diversity of outlooks and individual experiences. Personal growth and connection with others whose views are different is assured, allowing for a deeper appreciation of how amazing and varied the world is.

Moreover, our boarding experience offers structured support for academic achievement. Not only is learning enhanced with tailored assistance and increased interaction with peers, but it nurtures those qualities and skills that help young people engage as global citizens at Stamford American and beyond.

More than just a boarding house

The Boarding Program at ACS Oldham House provides an environment that develops both social and emotional wellbeing as well as academic growth, with a focus on 3 key areas:

Safety and Guardianship

Our Boarding Program supports physical, emotional, and pastoral care. Stamford American International School takes the responsibility for safety and well-being of students seriously.

  • An assigned Head of Boarding and Boarding Team are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of Stamford Boarding students. Guardianship duties include areas such as attending Parent Teacher meetings, assisting with communication from School to Parent, Bus and Cafeteria registrations.
  • All staff within this Stamford American Boarding Program have been background checked to international safeguarding standards and are CPR, first-aid and Safeguarding trained.
  • There is 24-hour staffing including on-site supervision at the Stamford American Boarding House. Building access is through fingerprint recognition, and guests are required to sign in. With a staff to boarder ratio of 1:12, we ensure all boarders are safe and accounted for every day, in addition to attending to pastoral, administrative, housekeeping and disciplinary matters.

Academic and Wellbeing

Our Boarding Program supports academic growth. Stamford American has a strong track record of graduating students with a US-accredited High School Diploma, or Advanced Placement International Diploma, or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, or a blend of both, attending universities of their choices around the world. In support of this, the Boarding Program includes:

  • Additional university and academic counseling.
  • Additional tuition in English.
  • Dedicated and spacious Study Rooms.
  • A structured boarding life that helps boarders develop independence, self-discipline, and time management.
  • Opportunities for leadership training such as being a student leader in Students’ Council.

Community and Social Bonding

Our Boarding Program offers a nurturing and fun community. Stamford American International School is a warm and welcoming community with over 75 nationalities that prepares young people for a life within a diverse community, learning to be kind and appreciative towards one another.

  • Diverse recreational and sports facilities such as swimming pool, basketball / badminton courts, BBQ pit allow boarders to enjoy active living and social bonding.
  • Building friendship and bonding across cultures with student social evenings and weekend outings.
  • Building community with free-flow activity and communal areas for students to use.

ACS Oldham Hall amenities

When residing at ACS Oldham Hall, students/families will have access to:

  • 111 clean, safe and cozy rooms comprising of 2, 3 and 4-bedded rooms with air-conditioning, WIFI, as well as personal study desk and wardrobe.
  • Two nutritious meals a day (breakfast and dinner) are served at the Dining Hall. Lunch options are available at the Stamford American School Cafeteria on campus. During weekends, 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided.
  • Comprehensive services for boarding students including laundry facilities, WIFI, study rooms, music practice rooms, leisure areas, gardens, and gym.


Application Fee:

Application fee (One-time Fee) S$202 (Non-refundable and Non-transferable)
Registration & Miscellaneous fee (Yearly Fee) S$505 (Non-refundable and Non-transferable)
Boarding Fee S$15,140 per semester
All charges are expressed in Singapore Dollars (SGD) including GST of 7%. GST is subject to change following the announcement from the Singapore Government that GST is increasing to 8% effective from 1 January 2023. For payments received/invoices issued after 1 January 2023, the price is subject to 8% GST.
Deposit for Oldham House $3,000
1. Refundable Deposit is payable to ACS Oldham Hall upon successful enrollment. A separate invoice from Oldham Hall will be sent to the Parent.
2. Deposit is refundable by ACS Oldham Hall when the Student leaves “The Boarding House” on full compliance of the terms and conditions stipulated on the Boarding Contract.

*This fee includes: (a) shared air-conditioned boarder rooms; (b) meals (breakfast and dinner daily; lunch included during weekends/public holidays); (c) laundry (up to 9 pieces of clothing per wash, 27 pieces a week washed and ironed); and (d) internet access, (e) insurance, (f) all the fixtures, fittings and household effects but does not cover any miscellaneous charges such as holiday coverage, cleaning, storage fee etc. Such fees will be billed by the school depending on the requirement.

Boarding arrangement with Stamford American International School will only cover the academic days of the year. Each boarder will have to organize holiday coverage directly with our Head of Boarding. Other miscellaneous fees imposed by the Boarding House may apply. Please refer to the boarding contract for more details.