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30 May 2022

Stamford American students invited to play at the U.S. Embassy

Published by Melissa Tan
Our students were recently invited to play at the U.S. Embassy for a farewell event, after being invited by H.E Ambassador Kaplan. [Read More]
27 May 2022

Day in the Life of a Pre-K student

Published by Melissa Tan
In PreK, the children have many opportunities to explore their interests and learn through guided inquiry and play. [Read More]
25 May 2022

Grade 11 Bake Sale for Willing Hearts

Published by Melissa Tan
Our Grade 11 students sold delicious baked goods such as brownies and cookies for their collective CAS project [Read More]
23 May 2022

Stamford Interact Club's annual book sale

Published by Melissa Tan
The Stamford Interact Club hosted its annual book sale at the Stamford Yard from May 17th to 20th. [Read More]
20 May 2022

Dr. Mark Wenzel on the Britcham podcast

Published by Melissa Tan
In this podcast, Dr. Mark Wenzel, Superintendent of Stamford American, shares his extraordinary journey as an educator. [Read More]
18 May 2022

Lions Swim Academy completes Junior SEASAC meet

Published by Melissa Tan
Lions Swim Academy completed their Junior SEASAC meet. [Read More]
17 May 2022

Ramadhan Kareem everyone!

Published by Melissa Tan
We celebrated Eid Mubarak with our Muslim staff [Read More]
13 May 2022

Welcome to the world of KG2!

Published by Melissa Tan
What do we do, you may ask? We are part of the PYP program where we play, investigate, explore and learn to be independent learners. [Read More]
11 May 2022

Making the transition to Grade 6!

Published by Melissa Tan
It has been a long while since parents have been able to come on campus for transition sessions like this! [Read More]
6 May 2022

A taste of Indonesian cultural music

Published by Melissa Tan
Our Grade 10 students had a taste of Indonesian cultural music! [Read More]
5 May 2022

Stamford American awarded the Distinction award in AmCham CARES program

Published by Melissa Tan
We are excited to announce that we have been given the Distinction award for this year's AmCham CARES program, in recognition of our community service efforts and making a notable positive impact in our community. [Read More]
4 May 2022

Peer Coaching - now in its second year!

Published by Melissa Tan
Peer Coaching - an initiative that was started by Individuals & Societies teacher Mandala Barab for his Grade 6 students, where the students help to coach their peers during class. [Read More]
3 May 2022

Stamford Lions Swim Academy hosted its 3rd Red & Blue Swim Meet

Published by Melissa Tan
Our Stamford Lions Swim Academy hosted its 3rd Red & Blue Swim Meet for our Elementary, Middle & High School students. [Read More]
29 Apr 2022

Stamford American celebrates Earth Day

Published by Melissa Tan
Our students in OIKOS and Rare Tree Guardians have been working hard to bring us activities across the campus, in a bid to help others learn more about nature and develop ecological literacy. [Read More]
27 Apr 2022

Senior Walkthrough

Published by Melissa Tan
Senior Walkthrough is a significant occasion for us at Stamford American! [Read More]

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