Stamford American International School's Parent Teacher Association – known as Stamford PTA – works hard to ensure students’ families and teachers are a valued part of the Stamford community. Through social events, Parent Connection Groups, volunteer opportunities and charity activities Stamford PTA aims to help everyone in our community find a way to be entertained, be involved and be connected.

Stamford PTA Goals

Stamford PTA is a volunteer organization open to all parents and guardians of current students at the School that strives to enhance and enrich the Stamford experience for our whole community, through:

  • Fostering a diverse, supportive, and tolerant community spirit among parents, students, teachers and staff reflecting the core attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum, including, but not limited to, cooperation, creativity, respect, tolerance, integrity, empathy, commitment and independence;
  • Co-ordinating and organizing activities, functions, information and services that promote and encourage such a spirit of community;
  • Supporting and enhancing school programs, teachers and activities through facilitating parent volunteers;
  • Supporting and coordinating charity events, including student-led charity events and other charities identified by the Stamford PTA; and
  • Generally to do all such other lawful things as the Stamford PTA may consider incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Stamford PTA.

Stamford PTA is fully committed to being a tolerant, diverse and inclusive organization for our community and complies with all non-discrimination laws in the Republic of Singapore.