25 May 2015

Stamford Theater Production, Reagan Theater, Performing Arts


Stamford Theater performed Oliver! in our 500 seat professional Reagan Theater. The musical by Lionel Bart was performed to a full house for all three nights. More than 130 students from Kindergarten 2 through Grade 11 participated in this spectacular production based on Charles Dickens’ novel, Oliver Twist. The play follows the adventures of an innocent orphan through the punishing streets of Victorian England from his birth in a workhouse to a gang of robbers in London to his eventual salvation through a series of very unlikely coincidences.

It was an energetic spectacle with big show numbers, a massive cast, and the scenery felt as if you were moving from one part of London to another. The audience had no time to be bored. Please sir, we want some more!

The ensemble of performing arts teachers and students featured actors, singers, dancers and musicians. Behind the scene crew members and parent volunteers also helped make this production possible, BRAVO!!

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