19 Jan 2016

Stamford Students Feature in Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown


Chef Estie Kung, one of the stars of the show, gained fame as a culinary prodigy and as the youngest contestant on the reality cooking series, she was in Singapore to film this promotional video. Three Stamford students got a chance to exhibit their culinary skills at a fun evening at Food for Thought, a restaurant in the historic Botanic Gardens.  Carina Beninatto, Danielle and Sophia Owen-Vides, all Grade 4 students, donned their assistant chef aprons to help Chef Estie cook a three-course meal for 100 guests. It was only after the diners had savored the last bite of the lobster appetizer, the main course salmon, and a bread pudding dessert did the children reveal that they cooked the meal!

Nine-year-old Ava Moncada from Stamford (Grade 3), a photography enthusiast, played the role of a photographer at a press conference to announce the show. Said Ava of the experience, “I had so much fun taking photos!  Kids can be anything they dream of being.”

It was truly an amazing experience for our little chefs. Carina commented, "I liked that I was part of a TV program, it helped me see how it works so I can better decide if I want to do this when I grow up!” and Danielle adds, “It was exciting to be cooking with Estie with no adults in the kitchen.”


What an amazing experience for our budding foodies.

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