Give your child the strongest foundations


2 months to 6 years

Did you know that a moving child is a learning child? Movement is at the core of how the brain develops and determines how children think, feel, behave and learn. At Stamford American, we introduce Early Years physical and musical activities for a very defined purpose: your child’s development. And the kids love them, so they are learning while they are having fun.

SMART Steps is included in our weekly curriculum from age 18 months and is designed to capture the child’s natural development integrating numeracy, literacy, language and with physical play.

Inquire about a world of specialist learning. Book your place for the Open House on May 4th to find out how our SMART Steps Program is beneficial for children.

Cultivating students with the mindset of Innovators


6 years to 18 years

Today’s world is shaped by the rapid pace of evolving innovative thinking and adoption of new technologies. At Stamford American, innovation is part of our DNA. We cultivate students with the mindset of innovators, connecting them with our EdTech coaches, to prepare them with the necessary skills to fully utilize the ever-changing set of tools available to them. 

Stamford students are one step ahead with exposure to cutting-edge tools and teaching methods via our think tank Innovation center, the hub for realizing ideas of tomorrow.

Book your place for the Innovation Expert Panel on May 11th to speak to our Innovation and Tech Experts to see how our programs can benefit your child.