Early Years Open House

The Stamford American Early Learning Village is built for purpose. Opened in 2017, every detail is designed to ensure each child is happy, involved and learning. This extraordinary new facility offers children aged from 2 months to 6 years old, places and spaces to thrive. At the Village our teachers are early learning specialists and their knowledge and experience complement the built environment to ensure every child is happy, involved and learning. The Early Years curriculum is guided by the USA Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework which starts at birth and outlines the skills, behaviors, and concepts that our program fosters in children. 

Speak to our Early Years Specialists and watch our young Suzuki Violin learners perform at our next Open House on August 31st!

Elementary and Secondary Open House

A new language opens doors for children academically and socially, providing them with an appreciation of culture which is outside of their mother tongue. The best foundation for language learning starts young, but can be picked up at any age.

Our World Language Program offers 3 of the world’s most spoken languages – Mandarin, Spanish and English. Students may choose from daily instruction in Mandarin or Spanish, bilingual Mandarin/English, or specialist English learning where English is not the first language. Our aim is to develop children to become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural.

Join our expert panel on August  24th to find out more about how we nurture bilingualism and the love of languages!