A new language opens doors for children academically and socially, providing them with an appreciation of culture which is outside of their mother tongue. The best foundation for language learning starts young, but can be picked up at any age. Our World Language Program offers 3 of the world’s most spoken languages – Mandarin, Spanish and English. Students may choose from daily instruction in Mandarin or Spanish, bilingual Mandarin/English, or specialist English learning where English is not the first language. Our aim is to develop children to become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. 

Daily Mandarin or Spanish from 18 months

Each child joining us in the Early Years or Elementary receives daily Mandarin or Spanish lessons as part of the curriculum starting from 18 months to Grade 5. In Secondary, this extends to 80-minute sessions every other day and as the program increases in intensity, students progress through 9 levels in Spanish and 7 in Mandarin. Children are grouped in classes aligned to their proficiency levels and assessed using STAMP – Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency.

Bilingual Mandarin/English from 3 to 10 years

We recognize that some students have increased ability or commitment beyond daily instruction, so they have the option to be part of our Bilingual Program from age 3 at no additional cost. Our Bilingual Program offers 50/50 exposure to both Mandarin and English within the grade level subject and concept areas. Each Bilingual class is taught by one truly bilingual teacher, who models bilingualism and allows them to be fully engaged with each student’s progress and ability.

English Instruction for non-native speakers from 5 to 16 years

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program is available to students from 5 to 16 years of any nationality, whose parent feels that a mastery of English would benefit them in their further studies, and beyond. It enables them to learn confidently according to their ability and at their own speed.

Stamford offers two programs of English instruction as a dedicated stream for linguistically diverse non-native speaking students. Catering for different levels of proficiency, there are two tiers of instruction:

  • Mainstream EAL for mid to high level English language learners - KG2 to G10
  • Sheltered EAL for students who need more specialized support - KG2 to G8

Mother Tongue Program – 12 languages and growing

At Stamford American, we are a global community where we welcome, celebrate, honor and respect all cultures and realise the importance of the mother tongue. Children learn from the community they are exposed to and having a strong network that includes languages brings about a better appreciation of their own culture and home.

Through a thriving diverse community, Stamford offers optional after school mother tongue programs for all children. Led by our parent and the larger international community, today we offer 12 different mother tongue programs weekly on our campus that include Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, French, Russian, Hindi, Hebrew, Norwegian and Danish.

Children in the program have access not only to native teachers but to classroom facilities, IT support, library and event space to host special activities.