Students need a space for exploration, the opportunity to be creative, and the time to follow their interests. At Stamford, we provide a multitude of spaces that benefit the students’ learning experience. 

Stamford’s Innovation Center is a great space for students to explore and has become a creative hub for them, allowing them to learn with new technologies while developing innovative minds. Through the Center, students are exposed to collaboration with external partners and organizations, who are leading entrepreneurs and leaders in their field. From workshops to speaker sessions, students are presented with experiences beyond the classroom. To date, our students have had the opportunity to pilot and test various technologies, apps and games before they have been introduced into the worldwide market.

As a purpose-designed area, it fully exploits the contemporary ‘makerspace’ concept. However, it goes a step further in encouraging not only students, but faculty and parents, to actively participate in the hands-on design and production of their ideas – be it an existing idea or realizing a dream invention.

The flexible space allows students aged 6 to 18 years to actively participate in emerging technologies and techniques that are unconventional in a standard classroom – whether its the school’s 3D printers, robots, electronics, textiles or fashion. The Innovation Center team hosts events, focused sessions, competitions and co-curricular activities to keep our students keenly engaged through authentic learning and application.