15 August 2018

Benefits of Traveling Internationally through Camps and Field Trips


Many international schools in Singapore and around the world give students the chance to travel to other countries for camp and educational field trips, offering children unique opportunities to enjoy all the benefits of cultural exchange in a safe, educational environment.


At Stamford American International School, our Academic Field Studies Program commences from Grade 3. We believe that no single element of learning works in isolation and that learning can continue to take place beyond the classroom.

Here we outline just a few of the many incredible advantages that international educational field trips provide for school children.

Sharpened self-awareness

The internet has brought the world closer to students in many ways, but nothing compares to the experience of encountering another culture in person. Listening to conversations in another language, seeing foreign landscapes and landmarks, facing the challenges of an unfamiliar culture – all of it gives students a chance to re-examine their own sense of purpose and place in a way that studying a textbook or flipping through an online photo gallery never could.

Boosted confidence

Students who are given the opportunity to spend time immersed in a foreign culture have a chance to expand their ideas about food, making friends and meeting their basic needs. This helps children to become more self-confident, more independent, develop greater self-esteem and have greater trust in their skills and abilities than students who lack opportunities to go abroad. This increased confidence and independence will serve your child well in the future, helping to prepare them for college admissions and applying for jobs.

Strengthened leadership skills

Improved self-confidence also motivates young people to take on more leadership responsibility. Children who have experienced other cultures first hand establish a deep-seated sense of perspective and personal conviction that draws others in and makes it easier to command their respect. Instead of simply relying on the opinions of other people, students with educational travel experience have the opportunity to see things for themselves. Furthermore, making friends in foreign countries can provide students with a global network of contacts that may last a lifetime.

Increased cultural appreciation

International school travel encourages children to explore and embrace other cultures. Students are able to learn about language, food, customs and how to build relationships and find common ground with people who are different. In today's globally connected world, these are essential skills.

Broadened perspectives

Cultural immersion exposes students to the challenges and benefits of other ways of life, helping kids break the patterns of bias or preconceptions. Seeing how others live, how they solve problems and what they hold sacred or important can encourage students to view these things in their own lives with fresh eyes. Children are then better able to apply this new perspective to resolve problems and overcome obstacles.

Unique opportunities arise

A school field trip or international camp experience is not like a family vacation. Sure, cultural field trips ensure your child will have a chance to visit famous landmarks, museums, historical places and other popular tourist destinations. Yet exploring another culture through an educational lens, with knowledgeable teachers and a group of equally enthusiastic and engaged peers, offers students an experience that a typical vacation just cannot match. Your child will learn to make meaningful connections between their coursework and the place they are visiting, giving them an education and memories they'll likely cherish forever.

Emergent courage

Leaving behind the comfort of the known ­– family, friends, home and school – can be difficult for many children. By encouraging your child to participate in an educational immersion trip, you're giving them the tools they need to develop their sense of adventure in a way that ensures they'll be safe and well taken care of. From travel and food to lodgings and shopping, your child will have plenty of opportunities to work up a little extra courage while under the watchful eye of chaperones they know and trust.

Trying new things

There is no better way to encourage children to try something new than to offer them time spent immersed in a foreign culture. Exploring a new city, trying a new sport, a new food, a new kind of music or a new way to travel – whatever it is, venturing to try unfamiliar things gives children a sense of empowerment that's hard to replicate.


International travel provides children with invaluable lessons they'll carry with them for life. No matter what the future holds for them, you can rest assured that the experience of foreign field trips can help them reach beyond your greatest expectations.


At Stamford American International School, our Academic Field Studies Program commences from Grade 3. We believe that no single element of learning works in isolation and that learning can continue to take place beyond the classroom.


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