Amari, Class of 2017

Bachelor of Business (Marketing Specialisation) — Honours at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

After graduating from Stamford American International School, I went to NTU here in Singapore to study a direct Honors Bachelor of Business, specializing in Marketing.

During my time at university, I have been given amazing work experience opportunities. I was lucky enough to be accepted into an internship program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for my first summer internship. At this internship, I gained knowledge about how large companies are able to manage their employees and ensure the standard of expected service level is met, and how to push employees beyond expectations.

Currently, I have been given the opportunity to intern at Singapore Airlines. There, I am learning how to work with data and coding which is something outside of my specialization, but has given me rich insights and knowledge that can be applied in the future.

As I have one more year before graduating, I will be embarking on a semester abroad in Sweden, before coming back to finish my final semester of studies. After graduating, I hope to be able to take a Masters or begin working in the corporate world. As it has always been my passion to plan events, I hope it will be to either work in an events company or department, or even start up my own company!

During my time at Stamford, one of the most cherished memories I will always take away is the Class of 2017 and the friends that I have made. To this day, I still keep in contact with several of my batch mates and we meet up when we get the opportunity to, despite attending universities in different countries.

Another memory would be the volleyball teams and my coaches. The great training programs and opportunities to travel for overseas tournaments have helped me to improve as a player and I have been continuing my volleyball journey on the NTU team.

To all the current graduating year and other high school students, I would highly encourage you to stay involved during school and join co-curricular activities, as the experience you gain from these activities will benefit you in the long run.

Cherish your school days while they last because they go by really fast, so never forget to have fun when you get the chance. When you enter university, or even before, be sure to take up work opportunities to help you gain experiences and lead you to paths you would never think of taking.