Class of 2019

Congratulations Stamford American International School’s Class of 2019

We are proud to announce Stamford’s 2019 graduates have achieved fantastic IB results with a pass rate of 90% on the IB exams and an average score of 31, surpassing the world average of 29.8. Our students also excelled in AP results with an average of 3.58 points on a 5-point scale, also above the world average (3.19). The robust development of our language program was demonstrated by 13% of our students receiving the IB Bilingual Diploma.

Stamford American International School celebrates our fourth and largest graduating cohort of 124 students. This year’s cohort represented 38 nationalities, within our wider community of 75 nationalities We are a non-selective and inclusive school which offers a unique pathway to suit students and their interests. Each student graduates with a US High School Diploma as well as the opportunity to pursue the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) Diploma — the only school in Singapore to offer this unique pathway.

We pride ourselves as a school of diverse pathways and subject choices for students as this ultimately equips students for university and beyond. To date, 90% were accepted to their first or second choice university. Students from the class of 2019 will be attending universities and colleges in 13 different countries, across 5 different continents.

Preparing our students for their unique future. Let’s hear it from our students themselves.

Having a supportive environment to develop in has been invaluable and has helped form the connections I have made today and ones that I will carry on past high school. I felt support in anything I wanted to pursue,


As my preferred University Course didn’t have specific subject requirements I was able to be flexible in my subject choices and selected subjects I was passionate about. I am happy that I chose to study IB Visual Arts as it trained me to be philosophical and analytical, which I think are important life skills. Throughout the course, I compared different sociocultural and sociopolitical artworks which allowed me to be an open-minded thinker. I was also fortunate to be able to complete Language A and Language B subjects at Higher Level which made me a more attractive, multi-lingual candidate to universities.


The pathways and subjects choices offered at Stamford equipped me well for my university applications by inspiring me to do better


Stamford teachers fostered a comfortable learning environment which built confidence and persistence for me as a learner,

Khang Ly

Our High School Principal, Ocki Fernandes, said, “I am delighted by the results of our fourth graduating class. The number of students taking IB exams almost doubled in one year and I attribute the success of all of our students, to hard work, commitment and effort. Moreover, the strong and positive relationship between students and teachers led to 90 % of our students’ final scores being within 1 % of their predicted grades. Colleges and universities value schools which accurately and consistently predict grades and academic achievement.”

“At Stamford our students are offered an unparalleled choice in terms of their subjects and graduation pathways. Our students graduate with a US accredited Stamford High School Diploma. Our focus is on helping our students become global citizens in a diverse school environment of over 75 nationalities. Stamford students clearly communicate, creatively problem-solve and effectively collaborate, which are all critical skills required for the future, while focusing on subject choices of which they are passionate.” said Dr. Eric Sands, Superintendent at Stamford.