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Class of 2018

Congratulations Stamford American International School’s Class of 2018

Congratulations to our third graduating cohort, Class of 2018 for the outstanding academic results achieved. Stamford American International School is proudly an inclusive school with a vision to inspire each student to create their own unique future. With the flexibility to tailor the graduation pathway to suit their interests, each student graduates with a US High School Diploma alongside the opportunity to pursue the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) Diploma. We are proud to announce that SAIS Singapore’s 2018 graduates have achieved outstanding IB results with a pass rate of 90% on the IB exams and an average score of 32.2. Meanwhile, our students also exceled in AP results, with 76.2% of our students scoring above 3 points for the AP exams with an average grade of 3.31 points out of a potential 5 points, surpassing the world average point score. Upholding Stamford’s reputation as a truly international and diverse community of over 70 nationalities, 8.5% of our students have been awarded the IB Bilingual Diploma.

Class of 2018 Highlights

Class of 2018 University Offers

With their remarkable academic results, our students have been accepted into competitive universities around the world:

  1. 86% of applicants received top two universities of their choice
  2. 11 country university destinations represented: USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, India, Japan, Philippines

Stamford's Success Stories

We spoke to our top graduating students to know more about the stories behind their success and what inspires them to get into the universities of their choice.