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20 Apr 2018

Stamford Hosts its first MUN Conference - Hope in the Dividing World



On Friday 2nd March, Stamford American welcomed 300 Model United Nations (MUN) delegates from 12 regional schools to its campus for the first-ever Stamford MUN Conference.

The students exchanged ideas on the topic of “Hope in a Dividing World”. Held over three days, they discussed challenges the world is facing from health to security to world crisis. Dr. Jerrod Hansen, Political Officer to the U.S. Embassy Singapore and the Guest of Honor of the Opening Ceremony, shared with the audience his views on optimism. While he sees entropy in social systems, he also believes that small groups of thoughtful citizens can change the world. He urged the audience to give themselves the freedom to think outside the box, indulge in hope and unfettered optimism, be patient and persistence and let the powerful tool of hope manifest. Many students also had the opportunity to ask questions at the end of his speech and were encouraged by his insights. The ceremony also included a beautiful performance by Stamford student Rachel Ramos who sang "Imagine" by John Lennon.


After the Opening Ceremony, students spent the day lobbying and convening to bond and debate over topics at hand. This continued over the next two days where seven forums were held, that engaged in standard UN-style debates, addressing almost 30 resolutions, of which many were approved. Each committee discussed a set of topics that were set forth on their agendas prior to the conference, and some of the main topics included:

  • the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)
  • abuses of power by the police and judiciaries
  • nuclear non-proliferation
  • the usage of motorized vehicles as forms of weapons in Western Europe
  • the UNCAT
  • Russian interference in the 2016 US elections
  • illicit substance abuse


The whole conference was a huge success and congratulations go to our amazing Student leaders who spent months planning this event.

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