24 May 2019

Shrek The Musical

Published by Noelle Teoh

Shrek The Musical

23 May 2019 - The Middle School Musical - Shrek, was a professional, funny and totally entertaining production and we could not be prouder of the actors, singers, stage crew and musicians who worked so hard to put this on stage.

Most of us will be familiar with the Shrek story thanks to the movie, but what was really impressive was how the students brought to life the underlying messages of the story. In particular, Shrek’s journey of self discovery, the wonderful message that everyone is unique, and the enduring themes of compassion, courage, and acceptance. An inspired choice for a Middle School production as these are all themes that all our Middle Schoolers can relate to.

Of course these productions can’t happen without the guidance and direction of the incredible Theater team. Thanks to Ms Osmary Nieves, Ms Jules Nicholson and the rest of the team for another exceptional production. We would also like to pay tribute to the Theater parents for their contributions and their unwavering support of the students.

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