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Family Service Project: Indonesia

24 April 2015
Family Service Project: Indonesia

This year’s Stamford Family Service Trip to Telunas Beach, Indonesia, was a great success! Six families traveled to the Riau Islands, just across the border, for a week of work and play in the equatorial sun.

The families that went on this year’s trip gave up their regular Spring Break holiday to participate in a work and community development project to help complete a new school building in Selat Mie, Indonesia. The village that they visited has 800 inhabitants with children from the village attending pre-school through middle school. The main industry on the island is fishing, many students finish with middle school and begin to work in the local fishing industry. Students in the village were given three days off to help with the project and were out in numbers to greet us each day and participate in the building project.

Stamford families were treated to welcome dances and some handmade savory and sweet pastries before we got starting on the project each morning.

The project that they worked on has been slowly developing at the village school and will eventually be a computer lab. They were able to mix and pour concrete for the roof columns, grade the floor for a cement base, and begin the lower cement brick walls.

Stamford families were honored to meet the villagers, participating in story time with many local students, teaching games and learning traditional weaving from the locals. It was a great cultural experience.

Thank you very much to the Stamford families who made this trip a very positive experience for the villagers in Selat Mie and the Telunas staff.

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