Stamford American International School
Campaign - Edison

I’m not really Thomas Edison…

I just share his passion

for innovation.

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Campaign - Zuckerberg

I’m not really Mark Zuckerberg…

but I could change the world!

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Campaign - Steve Jobs

I'm not really Steve Jobs...

I just love technology –

especially my iPad!

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Campaign - Superhero

I’m not really a super-hero…

I just have some pretty amazing

powers – I can speak Mandarin!

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Campaign - Einstein

I’m not really Albert Einstein...

I just use science

to help understand the world!

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Campaign - Wizzard

I don't really know how to teleport...

but in the iLearn,

it feels like I do!

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Campaign - Mark

I'm not really Mark Twain...

I just love to read

and write.

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Campaign - Chef

I’m not really a Chef…

I just have a

hungry mind!

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January 27, 2014

IB & American Curricula

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