Thursday, July 2nd, 12 - 1pm

Stamford Connects Episode 4: HOW TO SUCCEED in Secondary School for English Language learners

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Welcome to our new webinar series - Stamford Connects - for interested parents who want to know more about international schools in Singapore. We will be adding a new topic every 2 months. Do join us and connect!

As the appeal of international schools among English language learners and their families continues to grow, the need for academic programs tailored for these students will become increasingly necessary. Many English language learners entering secondary school for the first time encounter a number of linguistic and study challenges. The combination of advanced subject area content and the novelty of an inquiry-based education model can leave many English as Additional Language (EAL) learners feeling overwhelmed.

In this episode, Stamford's Preparatory Course for Secondary School (PCS) instructional team will outline how their approach to teaching subject area content to EAL learners has led to student success within the secondary school. Over the past decade, a growing body of language acquisition research has indicated that educators do not have to sacrifice subject content when trying to teach English learners. Instead, educators are now encouraged to tap into the knowledge students already have in their native language while helping them learn how to discourse in academic English. 

This session will be presented by three Stamford American International School PCS teachers and moderated by Ian Smith, Principal of Stamford American’s Preparatory Course for Secondary School. Please join with them to hear about how PCS is helping EAL learners find success in secondary school. 

Meet Our Panelists

Ian Smith, PCS Principal (Moderator)

Ian has over 14 years of professional experience in the field of English language acquisition. He began his career in China, where he taught Western Civilization, US Government, and a host of other content-rich English language courses in the Chinese University system.  Following 6 years teaching in China, he served for 8 years as Dean of International Students and Director of ESL at Montverde Academy in Florida, where he expanded subject area course offerings for students and pioneered a summer school program in Shanghai. Ian is an avid student of Chinese language, history, and culture.  He holds a B.A. in East Asian Studies and History from Colby College, a M.A. in International Affairs and Administration from Missouri State University, and a M.A. in East Asian Studies from Washington University in Saint Louis. Ian moved to Singapore with his wife Angel and son Trevor. 

Anthony Mauldin, PCS Math and Science Teacher 

Anthony studied and received a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education - History and Social Sciences from Northern Arizona University (NAU) in 2012. He developed a love for teaching and reaching students both personally and academically and wanted to pursue a dream of teaching students on every continent. After graduation, he got his teaching certificate (K-12) in General Secondary Education, Mathematics, English Immersion, and English as a Foreign Language. Prior to teaching at Stamford, Anthony lived in the United Arab Emirates where he taught Remedial Mathematics to non-native English speakers for 3 years. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, USA, Anthony's passions outside of school revolve around the outdoors and travel.

Marc Ferris, PCS EAL Instructor

Marc received a B.A. Honours in World History and Sociological Studies from University of Stirling, Scotland in 2014. After some travel and teaching abroad, he returned to university in 2018 to study his Professional Graduate Diploma in Education at University of Strathclyde, Scotland. During the time between universities, Marc was teaching specialized EAL classes for 2 years in Hong Kong (where he fell in love with Asia) and then proceeded to move to Singapore for 2 years, where he taught English in a more refined setting, focused on writing and reading skills. Originally from Scotland, Marc loves to visit and explore new cultures, countries and societies. Besides teaching and travel, sports such as soccer, jiu-jitsu and golf are his other interests. 

Natasha Stacey, PCS Literature and Humanities Teacher

Natasha's teaching qualifications include Chinese Language Certification from the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan; Bachelor of Arts, Specializing in International Relations, History and Chinese from the University of Southern Queensland (Studies completed in Australia, China and Malaysia); Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning, Specializing in Secondary History and Chinese as a Second Language from the University of Southern Queensland; Graduate Certificate in Education, Specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Southern Queensland; and a Masters of Applied Linguistics, Specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Newcastle. Originally from Australia,  Natasha has lived in many different countries, mostly recently Taiwan and now Singapore for one year where her husband and her joined the Stamford faculty. Natasha loves to meet new people, explore different countries, cook, read, do yoga and play the piano. She believes teaching has the ability to positively impact our world, by helping to create the next generation of leaders that are caring, compassionate, dedicated and proactive.

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