September 16, 2022

R U OK Day

#RUOK? Sometimes, we forget to ask others how they are doing or if they are feeling okay.

At Stamford American, we celebrated 𝐑 𝐔 𝐎𝐊 πƒπšπ² today, as we wore yellow & reminded ourselves to check-in with the people around us and lend a listening ear. It encourages people to stay connected and have conversations with others, normalising the question of “are you okay?”, regardless of the response.

Our students participated in classroom activities throughout the day that help empower them to check-in with one another and foster a culture of care and belonging.

Thank you everyone for bringing a sea of yellow to our school!

#SAISRocks #CognitaWay #RUOKDay #StamfordCares #Compassion #Courage

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