Stamford’s Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Program allows students the opportunity to explore their unique talents, develop new skills and personalize their learning journey at Stamford.

The program encompasses over 350 choices of co-curricular activities throughout the year for students from Pre-K in Early Years to Grade 12 with over 75% of Stamford students enrolled (3389 CCA places). Stamford has pioneered an online CCA registration program, which includes an online CCA brochure which has information on transportation, attendance, class teacher admin and payment module. This allows families to sit with their children and easily tailor the extracurricular programming for individual and family interests. The program incorporates co-curricular activities from financial market trading to Calligraphy; Model United Nations to Aerospace.

Volunteer opportunities underpin the mindset of our student community with clubs such as Service Above Self, Operation Smile and Friends of Laos helping students give back to wider communities. The diversity of our Stamford school activities program encourages students to excel by challenging themselves and growing both as individuals and as part of a whole school.

We believe holistic education requires stretching boundaries and as such Stamford encourages all students to get involved in the after-school opportunities available in our CCA Program. 

We offer various choices of after-school co-curricular activities for your child.

Please view our CCA brochure here for more information. 

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