The visual arts program at Stamford is one of many avenues for our students to express themselves. We firmly believe that especially in such a diverse international environment, visual art lets students communicate and visualize in powerful ways beyond their native languages.

Every year, students get to showcase their creativity on campus through phenomenal art exhibitions of their artwork. Aspiring young artists get the chance to exhibit at the annual International Schools Art Exhibition, which highlights talent from schools in Singapore and Malaysia. Gifted student artists also have a rare opportunity to display their art next to those of their peers in Southeast Asia at the annual SEASAC Arts Festival.

Kindergarten 1 to Grade 5
Visual arts lessons in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum are designed to foster creativity and self-discovery. Students are exposed to visual concepts through a hands-on approach to art and are prompted to respond to various aesthetics.

Grade 6 to Grade 10
The Middle Years Programme (MYP) visual arts curriculum prepares students for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). Students are introduced to the elements and principles of art, and are taught techniques in ceramics, textiles, printmaking, illustration, painting and other art specializations.

Grade 11 to Grade 12
The visual arts curriculum at the DP level challenges learners to examine their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries. The thought-provoking program hones students’ art techniques while developing their critical perspectives in approaching and appreciating art.