We combine a passion for drama and world-class facilities to nurture and achieve the best from your aspiring actor or director.

Weekly drama classes begin at age 5 and continue through to Grade 10, providing students with an opportunity for personal expression as well as developing presentation skills, which is valuable in all subjects and career choices. Further to this we offer an International Baccalaureate Diploma in Theater, a rigorous preparation not only for a career as a writer, designer, producer, director or performer, but instilling the confidence, expression and creativity needed to excel in any career of your child’s choosing.

Our state-of-the-art 500-seat Reagan Theater provides the perfect environment to rehearse and perform and is the only school theater in Singapore equipped with an LED backdrop screen, allowing students to give more interactive performances and presentations.

Our drama students’ endless efforts, expertise and creative enthusiasm allows us to put on 10 full-scale productions annually that is enjoyed by all in the Stamford community.


Professional Theater


LED Screen




Offering International
Baccalaureate Diploma
in Theater