Tertiary education is a favorite next step for many of our students. To ensure that students have sufficient time, guidance and resources to make their best decisions, pre-university counseling starts at Grade 9. This early introduction to life after Stamford American gives students a head start in working towards their academic aspirations.

Stamford American is the only school in Singapore with onsite SAT and ACT test centers. We also have a dedicated Academic and College Counseling Team that is tuned in to the requirements of universities all over the world. The Academic and College Counseling Team’s role is to help students tailor their learning goals for a smooth transition to the tertiary institution of their choice, wherever in the world that may be. The team designs personalized support programs for each student, and monitors progress and achievements. The team also invites and hosts experts who can advise on the various aspects of preparing for higher education. Parents and guardians are kept closely involved in this process, so that we can all collaborate on a brighter future for our students.

EducationUSA on Campus

Students who are keen on a university education in the U.S. have the added benefit of the U.S. Department of State’s EducationUSA Advising Center on campus. The center has up-to-date information on all 4,500 accredited universities and colleges in the U.S. Read about the resources available at EducationUSA.