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Specialist Programs

At Stamford American, our teachers are early learning education specialists and their knowledge and experience complements the built environment to ensure every child is happy, involved and learning.

Our early learning curriculum is guided by the USA Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework Ages Birth to Five and The Creative Curriculum ® which outlines the skills and behaviors that our program fosters in children.

At Stamford American, we recognize the importance of allowing children to be children. Child initiated and teacher guided experiences enhance language development, social competence, creativity, imagination, and thinking skills. These experiences are supported by developmentally appropriate best practice and start the journey towards academic success.

Our teachers carefully monitor children’s learning by using Teaching Strategies Gold Software which is an authentic, ongoing observational system for monitoring children’s progress and development. As their educators, we observe their behavior and provide thoughtful engagement to take them to their natural next step. This progression is recorded and regularly shared with families.

Specialist Languages Program in Mandarin or Spanish from 18 Months

Daily Mandarin or Spanish from 18 Months

We believe that being multilingual is a key element of global citizenship and should be fostered from a young age. Starting in Pre-Nursery, we offer daily Mandarin or Spanish instruction taught by native speaking education specialists in a dedicated language learning environment. Plus a variety of cultural activities and celebrations at school to foster an early appreciation and tolerance of cultural diversity.

Bilingual Mandarin/English From Age 3

For families looking for deeper instruction for their children, we offer the Mandarin/English Bilingual Program commencing in Pre-Kindergarten which aims to develop excellent communication skills in both English & Mandarin. This well-established Bilingual Program extends right throughout Elementary School to age 10 (Grade 5).

English as an Additional Language (EAL) from age 5

As children complete Kindergarten 1 at age 4 to 5, they are individually assessed for their English proficiency prior to entering Kindergarten 2. Children who may require English language support will be considered for the EAL Program commencing in Kindergarten 2.

Specialist Suzuki Violin from Age 3, And Cello from KG2

Music not only helps to develop a child’s senses and self-expression… it has a direct link to mental development, intelligence and memory. Our commitment to music can be witnessed everywhere at Stamford, from the very first steps of the musical journey at the Village, in Pre-Nursery with songs and dance.

Suzuki Violin and Cello

We offer the world-renowned Suzuki Violin Program from the age of 3, progressing to cello from KG2. Playing the violin is proven to improve concentration, and combined with the Suzuki philosophy of encouragement, listening and learning with others, our young students foster emotional awareness and creative development.

Instrumental Music Program (IMP)

We are very proud of our Instrumental Music Program (IMP) at Stamford American, which starts as early as age 3 for 1 to 1 private or group music tuition, taught by quality music instructors.

The IMP consists of a variety of instruments to choose from such as violin, cello, piano and drums all conveniently taught during the regular school day. All lessons are conducted in our 8 dedicated individual music suites, and organized by a dedicated IMP coordinator who manages the children between classes.

Specialist Physical Education 'Smart Steps' from 18 Months

A moving child is a learning child – which is why we offer physical education as an important part of The Village school curriculum from 18 months. What many of us don’t realize is that movement is at the core of how children’s brains develop. That is why Stamford American has introduced the acclaimed SMART Steps and Perceptual Motor Program. Exclusive to The Village, the program is designed to capture your child’s natural development integrating numeracy, literacy and language with physical play.


The SMART Steps program is a highly respected program designed by well-known educator, Ms Gill Connell. It’s a program we use to enhance key movement patterns essential for successful body and brain development. This program is built into our curriculum from Pre-Nursery.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)

In Kindergarten at age 5, children progress to the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP), which further develops fundamental skills essential to classroom success. PMP assesses each child’s skill development on a weekly basis, working to build ability that supports reading, writing, focus, perceptual awareness and attention development. The Village has dedicated space, staff and specialized equipment to deliver this outstanding program as part of the school day.

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