School Schedule

School Schedule

With a growing family, parents often need to be in two places at once. Stamford American International School appreciates that early childhood education needs to be in step with many different family situations.

Our flexible weekly and daily options give you the opportunity to design the early years school week to suit your family’s needs.

Friendly early learning staff will greet your child when they arrive. Feel comfortable knowing there is a warm welcoming smile and outstretched hand to guide your little one to the start of their school day at Stamford American International School.

Start Finish Start Finish
Pre-Nursery 9am 12.10pm 9am 3.30pm
Nursery 9am 12.10pm 9am 3.30pm
Pre-Kindergarten 9am 12.10pm 9am 3.30pm
Kindergarten 1 9am 12.10pm 9am 3.30pm
Kindergarten 2 NA NA 9am 3.30pm
5 days Half day Mon-Fri
5 days Full day Mon-Fri
4 days Full day Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
3 days Full day Mon, Tue, Wed
3 days Full day Wed, Thu, Fri

Flexible preschool options offered vary across Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 1 in line with demand.

Kindergarten 2 is required to attend 5 full days per week to access the elementary curriculum.