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Future of Schools: Understanding Digital Learning in a Changing World

Thu 28 October 2021, 12pm-1pm SGT

Technology in education has come a long way since the computer was installed in classrooms in the 1970s. The internet has granted everyone access to information on a global scale, mobile phones have provided opportunities for users to be connected wherever they are and, most importantly, schools have realised that technology has become necessary to teaching and learning. The arguments of ‘computer games vs educational games’ and ‘handwriting vs typing’ has progressed considerably towards schools developing ways in which technology can support and enhance the learning environment of today’s classroom. 

In this session, we will look at what schools consider when introducing technology to the classroom. What factors need to be addressed that impact the students’ desire to learn, ability to retain information and the wellbeing of the students. We will also look at how the roles and responsibilities of different departments within the school work together to ensure that the students are getting the most value out of using technology in the classroom and throughout their learning journeys. 

We look forward to hearing the thoughts and reflections of various EdTech / Digital Learning Leaders from Cognita schools around Asia as we discuss these topics in detail and provide helpful tips and ideas for parents who wish to learn more about how children can use technology to support their learning at school as well as at home, and how these skills will be able to prepare them to become a better digital citizen in this changing world.

Please join us on October 28th, 2021 from 12:00-1:00pm SGT to learn more about the Future of Schools: Understanding Digital Learning in a Changing World.

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