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Welcome to our new webinar series – Stamford Connects – for interested parents who want to know more about international schools in Singapore. We will be adding a new topic every 2 months. Do join us and connect!

This event is now over. A recording of this session will be posted shortly on our Content Hub.

NURTURING YOUNG MINDS THROUGH MUSIC: Insights to Inspire, Motivate and Engage

According to scientific data and research, practicing a musical instrument in childhood is associated with enhanced verbal ability and nonverbal reasoning. 

In this webinar, we will explore ways to enhance your child’s music aptitude and develop their musical ability, by nurturing a stimulating environment around them, enriched with quality music and appropriate resources.

We will talk about strategies to inspire, engage and motivate young children to practice, learn and perform music. There will be anecdotes and many practical tips from the perspective of Antonella, who has been a music teacher for thirty years and is a parent of musical children.

Join us on Tuesday, 31st January 2023, 12pm – 1pm SGT.

This webinar is suitable for early years parents who are interested in cultivating a love for music in their children.

Meet Our Speaker

As Arts Advisor and Music specialist at Stamford American for the past six years, Antonella Alogi has consolidated the General Music and Suzuki curriculum in the Kindergarten program, focusing on inclusion, multiculturalism and accessibility of the resources to all students. She developed the Suzuki Instrumental and Ensemble program from Pre-Kindergarten to Elementary, fostering a caring community of students, teachers, parents and administrators who have the love for music, the well being and the happiness of children as their main objectives. She’s passionate about traveling to different parts of the world to help students of all backgrounds gain ease and enjoyment in playing the violin and a deeper understanding of the musical language. With her beloved husband and two sons, they have lived in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Antonella Aloigi

Arts Advisor and Music specialist