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The American essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson defined success as being able to “to leave the world a bit better”. At Stamford we challenge each student to find their own unique pathway, and this means students discover their own definition of success. Students enrolled in our IB Diploma Program experience success in any of their 6 academic classes, but also explore their own interests through the extended essay, push themselves out of their comfort zone in our CAS program and are challenged to question their beliefs and biases in Theory of Knowledge. 

Students who can see themselves succeeding in any one of these facets graduate feeling resilient, balanced, inquisitive and willing to take some academic risks as well.  

Today our guests will share how success in the IB Diploma Program means so much more than just a high score. Moderated by Dr. Mark Wenzel, Stamford graduates Rafaella Zanatti Trovarelli and Mark McMahon are joined by current senior Trisha Bhaya and AP DP Coordinator Amit Khanna to discuss how they view success in the IB Diploma Program.

Meet Our Panelists

Dr. Mark Wenzel (Moderator)

Superintendent, Stamford American International School

Mark joins Stamford from Washington State, where he has served as superintendent in two districts over 12 years. His career also includes positions as a communications director for a school district of 18,000 students; teaching at the middle school and college level; television broadcasting; and political communications. Mark earned his doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of Washington, with master's degrees from the University of Washington and the London School of Economics.

Amit Khanna

AP DP Coordinator

After just a few months as a student in his IB Biology course, Amit knew that teaching biology in the IB program was the career for him. In addition to being an IB biology teacher for 25 years, Amit has been an IB examiner, internal assessment moderator, workshop developer and presenter and most recently was principal examiner for one of the components of the IB DP Biology exam. He now enjoys coordinating the IB Diploma Program at Stamford, one of many pathways our students can opt for.

Rafaella Zanatti Trovarelli

Class of 2020

Currently studying at Duke University






Mark McMahon

Class of 2020

Currently studying at Warwick University






Trisha Bhaya

Class of 2021

Current Stamford Senior


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