21 Oct 2017

Stamford Early Learning Village Celebrates Deepavali


October 27th, 2017 - Students of the newly opened Early Learning Village at Stamford American and their teachers celebrated the Festival of Lights at the new school campus with an unusual, but very creative Rangoli floor design!

Led by Art teacher Ben de Quadros-Wander, it took our Kindergarten students (aged 4- 5 years old) more than 4 hours to create this magnificent Rangoli. Measuring a diameter of almost 4 meters, the Rangoli is made up of individual student art pieces and various learning tools found every day in their classrooms.

“Deepavali celebrations have always been a prominent event at Stamford American as our diverse international community learns and appreciates different cultures along with Singapore. Our younger students moved into the new Early Learning Village this August, and with this move, we will continue to carry on the traditions from our main international school campus at Woodleigh, while marking our first Festival of Lights with something different and unique. The Rangoli was conceived by our art teachers and all classes worked collaboratively, preparing their share of different artwork to make this large Rangoli”, Lavesa Devnani, Early Years School Deputy Principal.

The Deepavali celebrations featured a special concert and performance for students and their families, featuring energetic bhangra, classical and modern dancers. Needless to say everyone made a huge effort and dressed up in their Indian best for the day. It was a spectacular sight of color and inspiration as families from all nationalities came together to share the celebration.

Stamford American students spent more than 4 hours to create a special Rangoli to celebrate Deepavali.

Stamford American Early Years students participate in a collaborative art project, creating a giant Rangoli, while learning about the Deepavali Holiday.

Colourful toys and artwork were used by Kindergarten students to create this unique Rangoli at Stamford American’s Early Learning Village.

Clothes pins, building blocks and popsicle sticks were amongst the objects used to build Stamford American’s giant Rangoli.

Teachers led students in creating a giant Rangoli out of pieces of toys typically found in a Stamford American Early Learning Village classroom.

Stamford American celebrates Deepavali with music and dance in the Hive located at their Early Learning Village.

Stamford American students dressed up in their Deepavali best to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Singapore’s Joshiley Bhangra Troupe brought Stamford American’s Early Years students on stage to learn Indian dance moves.

Dance Bollywood awed Stamford American’s Early Years students with traditional Indian dance forms and styles.

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