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02 Dec 2015

Stamford Students Perform Mulan Jr


This November, 88 students from Grades 3-5 performed Disney’s Mulan Jr in Stamford’s 500-seat professional Reagan Theatre.  The story of Mulan, a well-known heroine in Chinese history, is based on an ancient Chinese poem, titled the “Ballad of Mulan.”

The musical took the audience into the world of a young girl, Mulan who disguised herself as a man to serve in the army, risking family shame and punishment of death for impersonating a man.  The legend described her as an able and courageous warrior who helped win many battles against foreign invaders.  The musical while highlighting the importance of tradition and honor, is a celebration of culture, friendship and fighting spirit. 

Says Tina Batchelder-Schwab, the director of the musical, “Junior musicals are designed for younger students, who deserve the chance to perform quality literature, but at a length and depth which is appropriate that is appropriate to their age level.”  The Stamford American performing arts program aims to make full-length musicals accessible to younger performers by shortening the length while still maintaining the integrity of the story.

The chance to perform an epic musical was an exciting and welcome new opportunity for our Upper Elementary Students. 

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