27 Jan 2017

Stamford American hosts H.E. Jose Manuel Barroso


23 JANUARY 2017 (SINGAPORE) – As part of the Global Mentor Program, Stamford American International School was thrilled to welcome on Monday His Excellency Jose Manuel Barroso, the 11th President of the European Commission and Former Prime Minister of Portugal. His Excellency received the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the  European Union “for its contribution to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe for over six decades”. During his visit, President Barroso visited both Stamford American’s Elementary and Secondary students, and delivered a keynote speech to an audience of close to 500, including Stamford Grade 9 to Grade 12 students, parents and foreign dignitaries from the United States, Brazil and Portugal, on the topic of national, regional and global governance. 

“We can be proud and patriotic of our country, but we can be open to others. Feel ourselves like citizens of the world. In face of challenges, in today’s world, we cannot say your part of the boat is sinking, but we will survive together. We will face challenges like climate change that have a huge impact.

My message to you -  confidence in the world, we are able to at the same time love our countries and be open to others. And there is a kind of global citizenship and global responsibility namely for the cause of peace. “ H.E. Jose Barroso

He further engaged in in-depth conversations with Grade 11 students on the subjects of Economics, Government and History, discussing such current topics as the recent American Presidential elections, Brexit, universal human rights, poverty and inequality just to name a few.  He also visited Stamford American’s state-of-the-art interactive Cognita iLEarn™ interactive learning environments, the integration of technology in the classroom through the voices of Stamford’s younger students and learned about the school’s bilingual Mandarin and English program developed within the International Baccalaureate curriculum. While President Barroso recognized the importance of politics, he emphasised to Stamford American students the value of art, music and culture in our daily lives. 

President Barroso’s visit kicked off Stamford American’s Nobel Laureates Series 2017 . This series is  part of the school’s Global Mentor Program and partnership with the International Peace Foundation (IPF). Between January and March 2017, three esteemed Nobel Laureates will visit Stamford American’s students and community. 


About International Peace Foundation

International Peace Foundation (IPF) is a non-governmental organization that has been established in particular to support peace universities as well as scientific projects and institutions dealing with research into conflict prevention and strategies for the solution of conflicts, while promoting peace activities, understanding and social exchange between peoples, their cultures and traditions. Its "Bridges - Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace" Program facilitates communication of those in the ASEAN region with people and organizations in other parts of the world with ongoing communication and sustainable cooperation with Nobel Laureates.

About H.E. Jose Manuel Barroso

During his appointment as the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Portugal, President Barroso played a key role as mediator of the peace accords for Angola, and as Minister for Foreign Affairs he launched the talks with the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs that ultimately led to the independence of East Timor. Under his leadership the Social Democratic Party (PSD) won the general election in 2002 and he was appointed Prime Minister of Portugal in April of that year. He remained in office until July 2004 when he was elected by the European Parliament to the post of President of the European Commission. In September 2009 he was re-elected by an absolute majority in the European Parliament for a second term.  Recently, President Barroso was appointed visiting professor of international economic policy and a policy fellow of the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination (LISD) at Princeton University.

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