18 May 2015

Global Early Years Teacher of the Year – Stamford American’s Alison Moy

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Stamford American is thrilled to announce Alison Moy, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher as the Cognita Global Early Years Teacher of the Year.

Selected from over 100 Early Years teachers from Cognita School’s around the world, Alison was awarded the prestigious title as a result of her exceptional ability to connect with her students, help them to inquire and discover new understandings and develop a love of learning.

The Cognita Awards for Excellence recognize and reward individuals who consistently demonstrate the highest standards of teaching and whose skills, both inside and outside of the classroom, are both an exemplar of teaching excellence and an inspiration to others.

The Cognita Global Awards for Excellence ceremony took place at the Stamford campus on May 15, 2015, in the Reagan Theater.  Alison represented Stamford as both regional winner (Asia) and the global winner in the Early Years category. In honor of Alison and all of the other winners celebrations continued in Stamford’s Adams Cafe’ catered by Celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant.

We are all so proud of Alison’s amazing achievement and her contribution toward Early Years at Stamford.

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