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22 Mar 2017

Ex-Angry Birds team launches the coolest science learning game at SAIS


Helium, Neon, nitrogen or fluorine, which of these are noble gas? Ask our Grade 4 to 7 students and you will hear their excitement towards these atoms, which have super powers in Big Bang Legends, a brand new educational video game they playtested this week. This particle physics-inspired video game was developed by Lightneer, the founders of Angry Birds, and was beta-tested right here at Stamford American International School last year. After incorporating our students' feedback and giving them a taste of game development, the team from Lightneer was back this Wednesday to give our students the opportunity to be the FIRST STUDENTS IN THE WORLD to play the game prior to their global launch on Thursday. Watch how excited our students were and how much they have learnt as they got together to play the game in our Innovation Center.

Angry Birds and Rovio veterans teamed up with the brains from CERN and Oxford to create the best science learning game on the planet. Big Bang Legends, the first game by Finland based learning game studio Lightneer, integrates both casual and fun gameplay with educational content about particle physics. The game launched March 23rd in Singapore and is (free) available in the App store.

Peter Vesterbacka, Co-Founder of Lightneer, says “Finland and Singapore are world leaders in education and technology, both top the global PISA scores, but with wholly different mindsets. It's great to launch our first game in Singapore bringing the two leaders together.”

The game is launched in Singapore with the support of the Ministry of Education of Singapore and Stamford American International School in Singapore. “Stamford American is very excited about the collaboration with Lightneer. Big Bang Legends is a fun and engaging game that we can use to introduce the concepts of physics and science to our students”, says Craig Kemp, Head of Education Technology at Stamford American.

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