24 Jan 2017

A Moving Child is a Learning Child, Also Featured in The Strait Times


Stamford American was delighted and honoured to have welcomed Gill Connell, the founder of the Moving Smart, which our SMART Steps and Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) originates, to Stamford last week! The specialist program is at the core of our early learning curriculum. Our Early Years students spin in giant red tops called Dizzy Giddies and play more balancing games each week as Stamford believes that a moving child is a learning child. These seemingly simple games are steps to help children concentrate, learn, and even help them keep still.

During Gill’s visit, our faculty were further trained on the SMART Steps philosophy, to help our students develop their senses, balance, intuition, power, coordination and control. We also appreciate parents who joined Gill for a workshop to see SMART Steps in action. Here are how some of our parents felt.

"This was a good session for all parents. It helps us understand our children much better and helps them grow better. I have decided to change my methods so my child will enjoy learning more through games" - Ms. Supriya Jain, mother of a Kindergarten 1 student

"Gill's workshop was wonderful. It really sparked me to look at how I can help foster my daughter's physical development at home in a way to help prepare her for specific academic skills, like writing, for example. Before Gill's workshop, it just didn't occur to me that there would be a link between certain physical movements and academic development. I was really happy and thankful to have had the opportunity to attend this session!  My daughter and I played a few of the games from Gill's book last night, and it was so much fun! I would highly recommend Gill's SMART Steps session for parents" - Mr. Ramberg, father of a Pre-kindergarten student

Just like Mr. Ramberg, parents of our younger students may find the 900+ physical education activities in Gill’s books Move, Play and Learn with Smart Steps, helpful in complementing  your children’s learning. It helps to develop both brain and body development, which is vital for your child’s preschool years.


The visit of Gill Connell to Stamford American was covered by The Strait Times on 23rd of January 2017 

To view the printed version, click here

To view the online version click here.


More about Jill Connell: Moving Smart

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