Families move to Singapore at different times during the year, sometimes without much notice, which can be tricky for transitioning their children’s education. At Stamford American, we have two formal intakes in August and January. Even though the majority of students join at this time, we also support rolling enrollments throughout the year as and when families arrive.  Singapore is a transient country, so this is just a way of life - our school adopts a friend buddy system for new joiners, and our caring teachers welcome new students every week.

Our 2017/2018 academic year officially began on August 14, however if you missed this date, do not worry as you can still apply now for the mid-year enrollment coming up in January 2018.  Places are limited in some grades which often fill by the end of January, so please contact our Admissions team to inquire and progress an application.

18 months to 6 years: Pre-school (Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten) 
6 years to 10 years: Elementary School (Primary) 
11 years to 13 years: Middle School (Secondary) 
14 years to 18 years: High School (Secondary)

Here’s 5 reasons why Stamford American International School may be the right choice for your child's education:

1. International Baccalaureate and American Curriculums

Stamford American offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) and American curriculums from 18 months to 18 years old. Our early years students are nurtured on an individualized learning journey through a purposeful program called ‘Teaching Strategies Gold’ which is aligned to the USA Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. Teachers monitor each child’s development and update parents as they see them progress.

2. High School pathways for graduating choice

Stamford American students can enjoy the opportunity to graduate with Advanced Placement (AP) credits from Grade 10 (age 15), which provides them with the option to graduate in Grade 12 with the US High School Diploma with a choice of 3 different pathways – the full IB Diploma, or AP International Diploma or a blended program. With over 40 IB courses and 20 AP courses to select from, students are counselled and supported towards applications to leading university placement worldwide.

3. Specialist Education for Young Learners at our Early Learning Village

Children from 18 months to 6 years have their own dedicated incredible Learning Village to call home. As part of the curriculum at the Village, Stamford American offers a plethora of specialist programs for language, music and physical education. In the early years, children have the choice of daily or bilingual language programs in Mandarin or Spanish from 18 months or Bilingual Mandarin/English Program from age 3; weekly lessons in the world- renowned Suzuki Violin Program from age 3, with the option to progress to Cello at age 5; and specialist Physical Education under the SMART Steps program at 18 months, which progresses to the Perceptual Motor Program at age 5 to develop their important gross motor skills.

4. Active lifestyle, Healthy Competitive Spirit

Led by qualified coaches and using the finest world-class facilities, the sports program at Stamford American offers 90+ competitive sports teams and 250+ co-curricular activities before and after school. We boast an incredible team of coaches, who train students at all levels from just starting out with a new sport, to Varsity.

Sporting connections within Singapore and the South East Asian region


Stamford is proud to be a member of the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools(ACSIS) and field teams in this city league from U8 though to U19.


Stamford is a member of the prestigious South East Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC). This regional conference with 15 member schools in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Myanmar provide opportunities for our students to travel and participate in sport, MUN and Fine arts on a regional level, in addition to making connections with other like- minded students and elite schools across the region.

A unique partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation Technical Academy grooms soccer stars as they learn how to be the best, from the best. Stamford American student athletes are developed progressively to demonstrate key sporting attributes of courage, integrity, responsibility, respect and humility.

5. 1st Class Facilities – Convenient central locationsRoad

Centrally located 10 minutes away from the major expatriate area of popular Orchard Road, Stamford American offers world class facilities at both of its 2 bespoke campuses.


Inquire today, or book your place at our monthly open houses now!  Limited spaces remaining.