At Stamford, students experience the introduction of new products and technologies almost on a daily basis. Whether it be a new application on student devices that connects learners on a global level, or through personal gaming devices at home. At Stamford, we prepare students with the skills needed to thrive in an interconnected world. We value the importance of empowering and educating our students into becoming positive digital citizens and global collaborators.

Stamford has a proud tradition of introducing the latest and most appropriate technology that provides the opportunities for students to realize their ideas and vision. The educational focused Digital Learning Team ensures that technology is integrated purposefully and authentically to add value to our students learning experiences. When applications and technology based tools are incorporated into the classroom at Stamford, parents can be assured that detailed research through collaboration between the Digital Learning Team and the the providers of technology has been completed, to ensure that the best tool has been selected.

At Stamford, our philosophy is that technology is a tool that supports learning and engages students in learning in unique ways to suit all learning needs. The tools and programs that Stamford offers are coupled with world leading educators and a digital learning integration program, designed to support not only students, but to develop all teachers to use technology effectively. We also focus on upskilling our school community to adapt to changing nature of technology and modern learning. Pen and paper is one of the most innovative products ever invented. What we utilize in technology and resources is no different.

Progressive, hands-on experiences with the latest technology tools provide students with the skills required in the modern day, from conceptual skills such as craftsmanship and ideation to technical skills like 3D Design and the creation of Digital Media. Our Digital Learning Leaders provide the Stamford teachers and students opportunities to develop new age skills using tools such as Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR), Digital 3D Designs, Robotics, 3D printers and Laser Cutters.

Stamford has demonstrated its commitment to taking a whole-community approach to preparing its students to use the immense power of digital media. Whether it's to explore, create, connect, and learn, we are equally aware of the need to limit the perils that exist online, such as plagiarism, loss of privacy and cyberbullying.  To this end, Stamford is implementing the Common Sense Digital Citizenship program and as a Common Sense Certified School, we are dedicated to teaching and supporting all community members to be active and positive digital citizens.

Such is the reliance on technology in our work and personal lives, that it is our responsibility to prepare our students to exploit its many applications and benefits – comfortably, productively and responsibly as global digital citizens. This vital digital literacy starts at Stamford with our 1:1 iPad program from Kindergarten 2 to Grade 5. This develops naturally into our 1:1 MacBook program on entry into Middle and High School – with a practical and forward thinking curriculum that harnesses technology to accelerate innovation in teaching and learning, and inspire learners to reach their greatest potential.

Practical instruction is placed in the context of classroom teaching and learning, developing the use of technology within everyday situations to enhance problem solving and communication skills.

This everyday immersion in technology is supported by interactive whiteboards and Apple TVs in every classroom and 4 innovative Cognita iLearn™ interactive learning environments, opening up new dimensions for students to collaborate with experts, thought leaders, educators, peers and other communities around the world, adding essential context and realism to their studies. The key to its success  is 360° video conferencing  - it opens the classroom to the world!


Digital Citizenship

Over the past year, the community at Stamford have demonstrated their commitment to protecting our students while using digital media, as well as to prepare them for situations they might encounter while online. We are taking a whole-community approach by certifying all teachers as Common Sense Media Educators and integrating Common Sense Media lessons throughout KG2-Grade 12 curriculum. Our students have 1:1 access to the immense power of digital media and we’re doing our best to keep that a positive experience.