Varied CCA programs to guarantee the perfect school day at our Early Learning Village

True to our ethos of providing holistic education from the heart, we offer varied co-curricular activities (CCA) which not only provide playful fun and stimulation for children, they allow them to discover a new sport or hobby to enjoy from their early years.



At the Early Learning Village, our children are spoiled for choice of CCAs as our beautiful extensive campus facilities offer many opportunities beyond the classroom. Housed in one campus facility, are 12 specialist multi-functional spaces inside and outside with features which include a child height ballet barre, timber floors and large round viewing windows for various CCAs. There’s a dedicated outdoors sports turf and safe rubber surfaced square for endless enrichment fun.

CCAs are available for students from Pre-K to KG2 and to find out more on how to book these activities, please view details on myStamford. 

Keep a look out for new CCAs coming to the Village in this school year! 


Watch the Early Learning Village video