15 August 2018

How to Settle Your Child Into a Routine for the New School Year


How to help your child settle into school

As classrooms get ready to open their doors once more for the new semester, your children might be excited, anxious or a bit of both about heading back to school. No matter how much you stick to a routine, settling back into school – or beginning school for the first time – can be difficult for some children. But there are steps you can take to help them adjust in preparation for the new school year.


Ask them how they’re feeling about the upcoming school year. Are they nervous about their new teacher and classmates? Are they excited to begin a new grade? Are they looking forward to seeing their friends? If they express any anxiety, you can help allay their back-to-school anxiety by talking about it and discussing how to address their concerns.

Meet the teacher and go to orientation

Meeting with your child’s teacher or teachers is a good way to help him or her cope with separation anxiety. Knowing that a kind and trustworthy adult will be in the classroom can ease back-to-school worries. If your child is attending a new school, such as an American international school, it is imperative that you attend orientation. Your child will get a feeling for what life at the school will be like and you’ll be able to connect with teachers and administrators, ensuring that your child has the best possible academic experience.

Shop for fun school supplies

Have fun with school supply lists. When possible, let your children choose items with themes and designs they like. If the list doesn’t allow for “fun” supplies, you can consider stocking up on some to keep at home for homework time. Put everything out of sight and let your children look forward to using their cool new things when school starts.

Have a morning routine...

Start getting back into a consistent morning routine a week or two before school begins. Children who have spent the vacation sleeping later than they would during the school year will need a little time to adjust their schedules. Have breakfast as you would on a school day and have them get dressed and fix their hair, even if you aren’t going anywhere for the day. You’ll thank yourself come the first day of school.

...and a bedtime routine

Similarly, it is important to create a bedtime routine and begin sticking to it in the weeks leading up to school. Children who are old enough can pick out their clothes for the next day. Have them take a bath and brush their teeth at the same time every night. You might even encourage them to read for a while in the evenings to prepare them for doing homework. Which brings us to...

Make time for homework

Once the school year begins, be sure to pencil in some time for homework into your weekly schedule. In the days leading up to the first day of school, have your children spend that time doing something academic, such as reading or working on a few math problems – this will help them be more accustomed to doing homework their teachers assign when the time comes.


Explore new activities

Let your children explore the idea of a new extracurricular activity. Perhaps there’s a sport they’ve been wanting to try and they’re finally old enough, or they’re starting lessons in a musical instrument they’ve been wanting to play. Incentivizing them with a new activity will give them something to look forward to – not to mention a new skill to learn. At Stamford American International School, we offer over 350 different co-curricular activities throughout the year, starting from Pre-K to Grade 12.

Don’t forget nutrition

A healthy diet can have a huge impact on children’s mood and immune system, and staying healthy is key to a successful school year. Start the day with a protein-forward breakfast to keep them full and energized. Pack snacks like fruit and vegetables and a lunch that is light on salt and sugar and high in nutrition. In the evenings, when time allows, you can cook wholesome dinners together as a family. Your children will be more focused, less likely to get sick and ready to tackle whatever comes their way during the day. 

Stamford American International School wishes you and your children an enjoyable return to school and we sincerely hope that the implementation of a new routine will prove to be both academically and personally useful for them.

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