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02 Oct 2018

Stamford Goes Green with Solar

Published by Afiqah Aziz

As part of a school-wide effort of being environmentally friendly, students from Stamford American has collaborated with Sun Electric and installed new solar panels.

Student-led Initiative

As a complete student-led initiative, the project started in October 2017 with 3 student representatives, Jonathan, Cecilia, and Mark from the Stamford Green Lions Club. The Club developed a proposal and presented it to Stamford which then progressed to meetings with the prospective solar providers. The analysis that was undertaken by one of the Club members, Jonathan, was so spot on that it matched the data provided by one of the Chief Engineers. Their dream was on the way to becoming a reality when they met with the School Operations Team in May 2018 and installations started soon after.

Number of Panels

The new solar panel array, which consists of 845 solar panels, are capable of producing of about 426 MWh of solar electricity yearly and will offset about 200 metric tons of carbon. Five percent of the solar energy generated from the solar panels will supplement Stamford American’s current electricity usage while the remaining 95 percent will be channeled to other smaller and medium-sized corporate customers and for potential use by homeowners through Sun Electric’s SolarSpace platform.


The solar panel installation is an educational opportunity as well. Sun Electric’s engineers will conduct lessons to educate students on the need for clean technology and there will be an interactive learning program allowing students to understand more about the solar power system’s live data interface. Teachers and students are able to track the energy produced by these solar panels through an online dashboard powered by Sun Electric. The dashboards are displayed on the television screens around the school and will provide statistics about electricity usage. In order to enrich kids' learning, new subjects will be incorporated into the school curriculum such as Sustainable Development and Environmental Science.

“We are proud to have continued our green journey with Sun Electric, whose installation of solar panels on our rooftops have been a break through addition to the Woodleigh campus.” said Dr Eric Sands, Stamford American International School Superintendent. 

We hope with this new solar panel installation it will help benefit and educate Stamford American community and the larger Singapore community about the need for clean energy.

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