18 Sep 2019

Resilience and Mental Wellbeing with Dr. Bill Mitchell

Published by Noelle Teoh

On 18 September 2019, Dr. Bill Mitchell held three sessions for both staff and parents on Resilience and Mental Wellbeing. With over 175 members of our community attending, it was a fantastic start to our Global Be Well Day programs!

Dr. Mitchell is a clinical psychologist who graduated from the University of Aberdeen. He works with contemporary cognitively based psychological approaches to treat anxiety states, depression, stress reactions and chronic fatigue states. He has a particular interest in treating work related psychological difficulties recognizing that many people work in circumstances that can easily lead to the loss of any balance to life which increases the potential for them becoming exhausted or ill.

He also works as a consultant to a number of companies and professional service firms; he leads workshops on such areas as Managing Yourself, Resilience, Managing Personal Change. He lectures on the Kings College London MSc programme on Mental Health Studies and he is a visiting lecturer at the London Business School.

In his talk, Dr. Mitchell spoke more about psychological health and mental fitness, and how we can work towards better mental health.

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