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27 Apr 2022

Stamford American hosts Singapore Chinese Orchestra in the Reagan Theatre

Published by Melissa Tan
Stamford had the pleasure of hosting the Singapore Chinese Orchestra for a special performance in the Reagan Theatre earlier today, their first live campus performance since 2019 and the first in Stamford's history. [Read More]
26 Apr 2022

Book Day at the Early Learning Village

Published by Melissa Tan
Our students and staff at ELV dressed as their favourite characters and shared stories together.  [Read More]
25 Apr 2022

First cohort of BTEC Art & Design students will be graduating!

Published by Melissa Tan
After an arduous 2 years of study, our very first cohort of BTEC Art & Design students will be graduating. [Read More]
22 Apr 2022

2nd week of Active April

Published by Melissa Tan
In the 2nd week of Active April, we have received over 2500 responses! [Read More]
20 Apr 2022

KG2 Design Technology students' long term project

Published by Melissa Tan
Since the start of the semester, our KG2 Design Technology students have been involved in a long term project. [Read More]
19 Apr 2022

Stamford American awarded the "Best MUN" award

Published by Melissa Tan
Our previous batch of SAISMUN has been awarded the "Best MUN" award in the Refugees & Technology category as part of the MUN Refugees Challenge 2021, organised by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. [Read More]
18 Apr 2022

Phase 4 of the Primary Years Programme

Published by Melissa Tan
Phase 4 of the Primary Years Programme is also known as the 'Going Further' stage. [Read More]
15 Apr 2022

Stamford American's Active April

Published by Melissa Tan
It is time to get our hearts pumping and our bodies moving! [Read More]
14 Apr 2022

Infant Care curriculum at the ELV

Published by Melissa Tan
In our Infant Care program at the Early Learning Village, Love, Care, and Respect permeate everything that we do. [Read More]
13 Apr 2022

Phase 3 of the Primary Years Programme

Published by Melissa Tan
Phase 3 of the Primary Years Programme is the 'Making Connections' or 'Sorting Out' stage. [Read More]
12 Apr 2022

Stamford American at Beyond COP21 Symposium

Published by Melissa Tan
Students from our Middle School Service CCA took part in Beyond COP21 Symposium, a conference centred around climate change and sustainable development goals. [Read More]
11 Apr 2022

Autism Awareness Week at Stamford

Published by Melissa Tan
World Autism Day is celebrated each year on April 2nd.  [Read More]
8 Apr 2022

Industry insider speaks to BTEC students

Published by Melissa Tan
Sandy Monteiro, Director & Lead Associate of Silver Tiger Associates, shares his experience in the music industry with our BTEC music students. [Read More]
6 Apr 2022

Parent-Teacher Conferences: an essential part of a student's learning journey

Published by Melissa Tan
Here at Stamford, students take the lead to talk about their learning in depth with their parents and teachers. [Read More]
4 Apr 2022

SAIS 1st Annual Senior Smackdown!

Published by Melissa Tan
We held our very first Senior Smackdown, a G12 advisory beachball vollyball tournament, from 28 - 30 March.  [Read More]

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