27 Sep 2019

Global Be Well Day

Published by Noelle Teoh

On 27 September 2019, SAIS celebrated the Global Be Well Day alongside more than 70 other Cognita schools and 45,000 students worldwide! We kicked off the morning with reinvigorating community yoga session for staff and students. We also welcomed parents to our Global Be Well Day Parent Event and our first global be well day as a group and our longstanding commitment to wellbeing. 5 booths were set up in line with our 5 themes:

1. Healthy Lifestyle

2. Social Media and Screen Time

3. Brain and Wellbeing

4. Sleep

5. It’s Good to Talk


We also had non-invasive basic health checks, InBody scale machine tests, free on-site Chiropractor assessments and more. Early Years were making smoothies, doing yoga, making fruit salad and kebabs, and learning to be healthy! Healthy balanced diet. Proper hygiene. Mindfulness and yoga. Music and movement. Art. These were the activities participated by all the students. The day ended with wellness activities for the staff.


Cognita had also featured Dr Matthew Walker, the world’s leading sleep scientist where he shared advice for parents of young children as well as good sleep habits for teenagers.


For families, a selection of videos and other resources for parents and children, produced by Cognita with leading wellbeing experts. A series of toolkits produced by Cognita for teachers to use in the classroom to enhance learning in key areas of wellbeing. All these resources are shared freely on Cognita website.


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